Why You Should Never DIY


Everybody knows a bad video when they see it. But why does it matter what they think especially in business?


So it’s 2017 and even five year olds own tablets. There seems to be an app for every imaginable application these days as the relentless surge of technology empowers us to do more and more things which would have been impossible only a few years ago. So of course, there are now a multitude of free apps found on the web to help with editing, and of course, the advertising budget your department has been given seems a little light on, once again. Then there was that DSLR camera and microphone deal you saw on Amazon that seemed pretty reasonable. So, ‘Why not?’ Why not make the training video yourself? Just download an app and “create” your own corporate video. ”What could go wrong?” The answer is unfortunatley simple – plenty!


Corporate Videos should always be professional.

A corporate video should be informative as it is flawless. You may have the statistics and product or service know-how but not the knowledge to create a video to best showcase that information to deliver your message to your target audience in a clear and professional manner. Remember that whatever you put out in the world reflects the quality you put into your work. You always want to promote every facet of your business in a positive light.


Cost versus loss.

Quality has a price. Some businesses, especially startups, are looking to cut costs wherever they can. You may think you are helping your company save by doing it yourself. However, shaving off a few dollars can be all that it takes to render your company video either uninspiring or worse still, it could become something that actually damages a consumer’s perception of your brand.

By not seeking the help of professionals, you risk wasting all the hours and brilliance invested in developing your new product or service. A professional corporate video production company ensures that your video project is a success as they themselves have put years into developing their own perfect product, and that product is corporate video. It is always in a professional video producer’s interest to make sure that clients are happy. So if you want things done properly, and let’s be honest, we all want things done perfectly the first time, every time, know that want that too. Yes, quality has a price, but when your brand is at stake, it is worth it.

A great camera is good but in the hands of a trained professional it’s even better.

Having expensive equipment does not always mean you are able to use it to its maximum potential. If it was easy, video production companies would not be in business. Using a cell phone or taking videos as a hobby is not the same as training for it. There are settings such as Apertures, F-Stops, white balance, shutter speed and ISO (to name a few) that you would need to consider and know how to adjust to produce great quality corporate videos.

Video cameras are complex and corporate videos are even moreso because of the high standard that this format demands. What many businesses overlook is that consumers CAN tell if a video has been professionally made or not. According to Roy Morgan Research, in Australia alone, consumers ages 14 and above watch videos via mobile or TV screens at an average of 19 hours weekly. So from a young age, people are exposed to a flood of media sources thus making them credible critiques in their own way.

It’s all about lights and angles.

A video should be clear, candid and interesting. A professional corporate video producer would be able to capture and get across the images or activity onto the screen from the perfect angle with the perfect lighting to make sure everyone and everything is seen. As a matter of fact, achieving great sound, great voiceovers and great lighting regardless of the filming conditions, separates videos made by amateurs from those made by professionals.

Script is key in Training Video Production.

A great video comes with an equally great script! What is going to happen during the video? What are people going to say? A professionally written script guides the viewers throughout the video and at the same time, explains what the video is all about. Gibberish and dead air are big no-nos for conversations and videos alike. You do not want these problems within your corporate video and that is why script-writing is so critical. It is imperative for a corporate video to impress!

Think about some of the other areas of business where external companies are hired to help out. For example, an accountant is hired to make sure that your finances are managed properly. You understand accounting but would not try it on your own because you do not have the same expertise. Also, you hire a caterer during big events to prepare food. It is not that you do not know how to cook but it is more because they are able to cook for many people with the budgeted amount and time that they have. Likewise, you hire a video production company for the knowledge and expertise they have on filming and editing videos to engage the target audience and showcase your company’s products and services.

There is power in creativity and unique ideas.

The goal of a corporate video is to reach its target audience. Furthermore, it is the marketing team’s task to make sure that the idea is delivered uniquely. This is usually compromised when businesses decide to DIY.

DIY Video editing tools usually already have presets. Your images as well as your background music would look and sound like all the others who have come and chosen the same platform before you. Likewise, the lack of training in video editing will surface and compromise the end product.

Editing is probably the most challenging part of video production. As an editor, you would have to choose among all the shots you’ve taken and put them all together into one video file that your target audience would like to watch. Surely, you don’t want to end up with a video that has the same uninteresting monotony as so many other videos all over the internet? What a waste that would be for your well-thought project, product or service! It is in editing style that a video can be brought to life, and that is something that requires a specialist.