Video production companies exist for a reason. When business owners are developing corporate videos, what do you think the biggest mistake that is made? It is important that you understand these mistakes because the last thing that you want to do is make the same mistake. Corporate video production is supposed to be a way of connecting with the customer – and this is only achievable when the customer is considered within the equation.
Many business owners think about what they want and what their needs are, and neglect the customer. This is the biggest mistake that can be made because there are considerable amounts of details that are lost within the video production. There may be a focus on the products and services as well as the history of the company because this is what the business owner wants to present. However, most consumers don’t care about these things. They want to know in depth details about products and services, and want to find out what makes the company different.
In today’s day and age, there are more video marketing opportunities than ever before. Corporate video production and explainer videos can be very affordable and therefore, it allows everyone to engage in these video marketing opportunities. If one company does things properly, and another company does not, it is the company that does things properly that will win the most consumers. If you are making the largest mistake that business owners make, you are essentially wasting your money on corporate video production because it is not paying off for you.
Prior to working with any kind of video production company, it is advantageous to talk to customers and find out what they would want to see in a video. Doing some market research can pay off because you are connecting with the consumer on a more appropriate level. For example, you may be providing basic commercials that promote your company when in reality, your current customers want you to create how-to videos in order to connect with the various products that you offer.
You don’t want to spend money on video production until you are sure that what you are providing is what the customer wants. You cannot neglect the customer when you are producing corporate videos.
Depending upon the type of video that you are producing, the “customer” changes.
When it comes to corporate training videos, the “customer” actually refers to the employees. Employees need to know how to do the job or how to take away information from the training videos. If you are providing information on how to do something, you need to make sure that it is completely clear on exactly how to do that and it is spoken at a level specific to the type of employee that is watching the video.
When it comes to corporate product videos, the “customer” actually refers to potential customers. You need to showcase the product in such a way that it answers questions that a person may have. They need to see what all the features are, what they do, and why it is the best product on the market to meet their needs.
When you can account for what the customer needs, you will be able to create a better video. Better videos promote your business in a variety of beneficial ways. Training videos produced in a better way will help you to improve productivity and reduce training costs. Product videos produced in a better way will help you to promote your product and ultimately gain more customers, which in turn provides a healthier bottom line.
Video production can be expensive and if you are going to go through the expense, it needs to do the job that it was intended to do. YouTube is a social media platform that allows people to like and share the videos with people that they know. If the message is delivered within the video in such a way that hits home, they are more likely to share the video. This provides more coverage and allows you to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. However, if the video does not meet the needs of consumers, the video will not be shared and you lose out on potential marketing opportunities.
It is not just about meeting the needs of the consumers. If you create a video that is self-focused, it can provide a negative reputation for your business online. You don’t want a company profile video or any other kind of video that is all about “me, me, me”. These kinds of videos demonstrate a large ego and egotistical, companies usually have no respect for the consumer. Is this really the kind of reputation you want for your business? Of course not.
Before you even begin production on a video, you need to establish what kind of message you want delivered. Are you providing training? Are you showcasing your business? Are you promoting a product? A script will need to be developed in order to create this message within the confines of the video. Without a script, is very possible for the video to take a “me, me, me” view and this is very dangerous. You want to show that the company respects the consumer and this means that the company needs to be mentioned in such a way that it answers the questions of the consumer instead of being a self-promotional tool.
People watch videos not to learn about companies, but to learn about why they should work with a company and what makes the company different from the competition. These are the questions that you need to answer within the video and make it about the consumer.
At the end of the day, if the video is largely self-focused, it is going to be rendered as unappealing to the audience. You can avoid this by knowing that this mistake is commonly made. When you put the consumer first, you can avoid such problems and make sure that the spotlight is on you as well as your consumers. Contact us today.