6 Types of Corporate Videos Your Organization Needs and Understanding How Each Will Affect the Business



In Sydney, businesses need corporate video production as a way of standing out from other businesses in town. Corporate video production may be an added expense, but when used properly, it ends up saving money by providing more sales. This means that the video production essentially pays for itself over time.

When you decide that you want to create corporate videos for your business, it is important to determine what type you want to create. By understanding all of the different corporate video possibilities, you can ensure that you are able to create something based on what you really need to achieve. You may find that there is room for multiple video types as a way of reaching into multiple markets, thus, saving yourself money throughout operations, and providing a better user experience to all of your customers.


Testimonial Videos


In this digital age, it is too easy for someone to write a testimonial without actually receiving one. Words are simply that – words. It is not going to hold as much weight as it used to. Testimonial videos bridges the gap because you are providing people with the audio and visual needed in order to drive a point home. It makes the testimony all the more convincing!

Interaction plays a big role in convincing customers to buy what you’re selling. Knowing your customers, how to engage them and then supporting your claim with those people that have actually tried your products and services makes your sales campaign more credible.

Testimonial Videos are one of the simplest forms of corporate video production because you are filming someone and simply asking for their honest opinion. You can choose to be on-site or you can set up a studio where you will ask several customers to come in, record their testimonial, and go on their way.


Training Videos


Training videos can be a great way to interact with your employees. It’s a great idea to explore corporate video production as a way of producing a training video. This allows you to create a script that is followed by everyone in order to provide training. This can then be caught on film as a way of providing all of the necessary information to new and laterally transferred employees.

Training videos can ensure the same message is delivered to each and every employee and avoid issues like stuff not being covered during training since videos are pre-conceived, scripted and can be stored and replayed as often as necessary. Sign off sheets can also be distributed to assure compliance from your onboardees, trainees and/or employees.
That being said, you can move on to other work tasks while being completely assured that your trainees are being productive while watching your training videos.


Company Profile Videos


Competition is tight and you need to stand out. You like to have a brand that is completely unique. Company profile videos can be used in order to portray your brand effectively. It makes people feel comfortable because they see that there is a face behind the name.

In your company profile, you can talk about how you got started, interview some of the people in management, have employees talk about the environment they work in on a regular basis, and even take a tour of the location. The more you can share about your company with potential customers, the easier it will be for them to connect with you. This will be beneficial to your sales and ultimately your bottom line.


The industry that you are in will help determine what you are going to showcase within your company profile video. You may want to walk people through the production center, kitchen, or anywhere else where the “magic” happens. This gives people an idea as to the quality control in place which in return gives them confidence knowing that what they eat or what they use has been produced with the highest level of care. You can post about this on your website. However, it does not have the same feel as if you were to do it in a video. Remember that approximately 1 million words are shared in a one minute video and no one wants to read through that. You have to be careful on how you present yourself. Seeing is believing. People want to see what your business is about instead of being told about it.


Promotional Videos


Often times, you need a hook as soon as people get to your website. You have approximately 10 seconds to convince them to stay. If you are unable to do so, they are going to hit the back button and probably never return. Those 10 seconds need to be used carefully and providing a video that captures attention is an effective way to do so. You can talk about what you sell, what event you’re going to hold or what you’re looking to do as a way to educate people and get them to take a desired action. Videos can be more intense and allow you to say a lot more in a shorter period of time.


Corporate video production can be done in such a way that you are able to hold a person’s attention for longer as there are several benefits to it:

  • They are going to learn more about your business, your product and/or your event.
  • It is going to help you with your search engine optimization ranking.
  • You are more likely to get a person to follow the desired action.

Videos have the ability to be extremely eye-catching, produce well, and deliver a message effectively. You can use a promotional video on your homepage, on landing pages, as well as on YouTube to provide more links back to your website and to educate the masses as to who you are and why they want to buy from you. This can be one of the many videos that you have to promote your business. For more samples please click here.


Product Sales Videos


When you sell products online, it is important that people know about all of the features. You can create a brief description with bullet points of some of the features, but it probably does not do the product justice. Product sales videos can be a beneficial form of corporate video production, allowing you to engage customers on a higher level and promote your business effectively. For example, instead of telling people that a vacuum has great section, you can provide a demonstration where the vacuum is actually sucking up dirt or other items. Regardless of what you are trying to provide information about, a video is going to be a great demonstration. You don’t want people to make assumptions based upon the text as those can be misconstrued and this leads to people, not trusting the product and worse, not purchasing the product.

Did you know?


Another overlooked fact about corporate videos is that the more there are, the higher likelihood of being discovered and purchased over the internet. For example, YouTube has close to 1 billion users a month going on the site, searching for videos. If you have a video about each of your products, it is likely going to be seen by people who are looking for those products. You then have a way of showing people what the product is and what it is capable of doing without them having to come into your store or referral product description. It is an instant way of grabbing someone’s attention and selling them on the product that you have to offer.

When you get into corporate video production, it is important that you choose a professional company that will be able to showcase your products effectively. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to film the product on their own and have problems with lighting and audio, which means that the product is not presented in the best possible way. For professional video production services, click here.


Other Videos


There are countless other videos that you can also produce. Prior to stepping into any kind of corporate video production, you want to explore what the benefits are going to be for the video you wish to produce. Once you can identify your target audience, you can then focus on providing them with individual benefits. For example, if the videos are for your employees, you want to make sure that you are providing them with details about your company or their job position. If the videos are for your potential customers, you want to educate them on the benefits to choosing you over the competition in the marketplace.

Wrap Up


Consumers today are technologically savvy and they know what looks good and what doesn’t. They are going to judge you by your videos and therefore you need to make sure that your videos are high quality. You don’t want to miss out on potential sales because people think that your videos look like they were created by an amateur. Take the time to explore corporate video production companies in Sydney and make a worthwhile investment for the professionalism that will help you take your business to the next level.




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