These days, startups are trying to save their funds wherever they can. Most local companies like to buy into myths that lower the quality of the videos they produce and further affect the income of their business. We’re about to crack some of the top video production myths that business owners fall into. Falling into these traps can result in a poor standard of video. When it comes to video productions, here are some things that despite what some people say, you should never try for your business.

An iPhone for Corporate Video

iPhones are the generation’s trending mobile phone. Anyone is dying to get their hand on one because of the incredible capability that this mobile phone has to offer. One of those things is the high quality camera. Keep in mind that no matter how clear your camera can shoot, it is still not a professional camera. iPhones should not be used to record corporate videos because it still lacks the capability that a professional camera has to offer. Even though many would consider this camera to me nice for happy snaps, the iPhone is not going to be up-to-scratch with other business’ corporate videos. Corporate companies are all about professionalism, using iPhones for your company videos is not doing you any favours!

Youtube Videos Always Go Viral

Businesses makes use of YouTube because they believe that you will go viral on YouTube. The magic of viral videos is not formulated and there is no ‘secret recipe’ for what makes a viral video.  A few views do not guarantee that your corporate video production will be included in top search results with millions of views set to climb. It might even be in the last page especially if you are a newbie in YouTube. You can upload your video in YouTube but do not expect that people will see your video automatically. You need to have a valuable video that people want to see and want to share. It needs to be topical and needs to provide value to your audience. Going for a viral video is not the way you should be thinking of things — it’s a bit like mining for gold and you’re better of making solid content that gets decent views day in day out.

Video is Always Better Than No Video

In most cases, videos do improve the brand image of companies, but that is not the case for every video. Some videos produce negative feedback from viewers that cause the company to loose authority and respect in the public’s eye. Low quality videos lower the image of products and services of that business if they are not up to scratch. Instead of driving customers into purchasing your products, it makes them want to have no further kind of interaction with your company. This is a direct result to poor quality video production. You need to hire a video production company to take charge of your videos for you. Videos are like first impressions that you serve to your potential customers. Customers judge the company based on what they see. You better give your best to gain the interest and attention of future customers because it will surely benefit both of you in the end. Your corporate video production should never be taken for dealt with lightly and you need to put forward a decent budget if you’re ever going to dive into the video production space so you can give your business the boost it needs.