Corporate Video Production

Corporate Videos

Our high quality corporate videos cover all bases; training videos, testimonial videos, promotional videos and more.

Training Videos

Training videos eliminate the frustration of you having to repeat yourself.  As a business owner you need all your staff on the same page, but you probably don’t have the time to properly train them individually. You may also have specific instructions to send out with your product. Why not educate your customers with a training video?  With training videos, you only need to do it once. After that, you can replicate the same high-quality training again and again… without you doing a thing.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the most powerful tool any business can use to acquire new customers. People rely on the opinions of others before making a buying decision and this is the reason why corporate testimonial videos have become an effective tool businesses are using to instil trust into customers. With people’s growing disinterest in text, and increasing demand for corporate videos, testimonial videos are the future of marketing and they key to business success.

Custom Videos

Every business is different. We understand you need to option to custom build a corporate video that works for you specific needs. That’s why we have this corporate video option that gives you the freedom to create whatever you want. You may want a web video for your website or a corporate video that is unlike anything anyone else is doing. Reaching out to your customers with something unique and different has the potential to be the most effective marketing tool you’ve ever had.

Product Videos

Product videos are another type of corporate video that is designed to sell. You know good your product is, but what about everyone else? How are you planning to show off your product and show people that it’s better than your competitors? Product videos are the most effective way to show, tell and sell your product. Like all corporate videos, product videos can be shared over and over and over again — meaning more eyes on you.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are an exciting and attention grabbing way of promoting a place, special event, business, website, service or product. People love watching a video so this type of corporate video is a hugely effective way of promoting to a mass audience as well as entertaining them. Videos are more likely to be shared via social media, giving you maximum exposure. The equivalent of 1 minute of video is 1.8 million words, so the power is in your hands!

Event Videos

Events that attract an audience are important enough to be documented, archived and kept for the future. Event videos can highlight key moments of any function, seminar or event. Turning your event into a corporate video means that you can share it online to others that were unable to attend. Event videos of a seminar can even be turned into a digital product that you can re-sell! You may just want to simply share the video with friends and coworkers.

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