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Why Using Animation Explainer Videos Is A Must For Your Business

Animation explainer videos are simply explainer videos created in the form of animations to explain important details about a product or service. Technology is advancing everyday and the trending tool for marketing is explainer videos.

Animation Videos explain things better than pictures and text all put together.

Explainer videos are becoming a trend because it offers several benefits. Some of the major benefits of explainer videos have been outlined below.

Increase in conversion rate

A recent study shows that about 85 percent of customers are more likely to buy products that are accompanied by an explainer video. In other words, explainer video boosts sales chances of products.

It keeps tracks of potential customers

Every explainer video indicates the number of views and these are all potential customers. So, salesmen use these figures as a guide for the number of potential customers that can be converted to actual customers.

Explainer videos offer clarity

Texts and pictures can sometimes be ambiguous and they may leave customers with so many questions. But unfortunately, most customers will not seek answers to their questions. They will rather abandon the advert and its product. But animation explainer videos will explain the details as clear as possible.

Your competitors are already using it

Another good reason to adopt explainer videos as a marketing tool for your products is that a lot of your competitors are already using it. The more you delay the more you lose your customers to others. Two years from now, there will only be two kinds of retailers – those that are using explainer videos and those that are running out of business.

Explainer videos boost interest

People generally prefer to watch videos more than read texts. You can try this by searching for an interesting video. First, you explain the video in words and share it on your Facebook wall as text. After a couple of days, share the video itself on the same wall. Now compare the number of likes and comments generated by each of the posts. You will understand. In fact, people might not even notice the text. It is an explainer video that will attract attention especially when you give it a catchy caption. It is during the course of watching the video that they will begin to develop interest in the product being advertised.

Websites with videos rank higher on Google

Generally, products with explainer videos rank higher on Google. So they are likely to come up first on its search engine result page. And customers do not usually check beyond the first Google result page. This means that websites without video have lower chances of being selected from Google search engine result page while websites with a lot of videos have higher chances.

Increase in traffic

This one follows the point above. Higher rank on Google means more traffic. It is not just traffic, they are sales lead. When a potential customer wants to buy a particular product, he searches about the product on Google. He checks a few of the links brought up on Google search engine result page and takes his decision. If your website happens to be among the ones Google always throws up, then your website has higher chances of being visited.

Explainer videos help potential customers retain information

When a customer manages to take the time to read a marketing message, chances are that he will forget everything within a couple of hours thereafter. But videos register in their mind. They automatically and unconsciously retain the information in explainer videos.

It puts life into your sales pitch

Truth be told, written/text sales pitches are very boring especially when they are long. Customers usually lose patience before they finish reading them or some won’t even bother to read them. But videos are very interesting especially when a little bit of humor is included.

A retailer once sent an Email to its customers about a new product explaining the product in the details. He was shocked that some of the recipients of the mail responded by asking “what is it about?”. Obviously, many of the recipients did not even read the mail. But if you send an explainer video to them, it will be a totally different thing. You will get a lot of response.

Easily Shareable

Short animations videos are very easy to share on popular social media like Instagram, Facebook or even WhatsApp. Have you ever noticed that texts hardly go viral? Images also go viral but it is videos that go viral most times. What makes a video go viral mostly is humor. This is why you should include humor in your explainer video. People will share it just to make other people laugh. They will also absorb the message while enjoying the laughter.

It builds a brand

When people get to share a couple of your videos, your popularity will begin to soar and so will your brand. It helps you to carve a niche for yourself. Apart from the brand itself, it also helps to build some level of credibility. Think of it, if a video advertising a product goes viral because of its humor and you keep coming across the video all over the internet, what impression will you have about the product? It is the best product within its category right?

Have you ever heard a statement like “this product is over-hyped”? Most times when people say that, it is because they had come across the video about a product multiple times and they unconsciously overrated the product and when they bought it, they found out that it was below their expectations. That underscores the power of a good animation video. Prospective buyers tend to believe in the product and most times they do so subconsciously or unconsciously.

Reduced Consultation

When you attach a comprehensive animation video to any product, it reduces the number of questions your customer support team will have to answer on the product. Remember, over 500 prospective customers can call at different times to ask the same question. Imagine how much time and effort you would have saved if your video answers the question. Also bear in mind that instead of calling in to ask certain questions, some customers will rather go for a close alternative whose animation video answers it all.

To underscore the importance of animation videos, some relevant statistics have been outlined below. It is the result of certain research.

Those who viewed your video are one and half times more likely to buy the product than those who are yet to watch the video. 96 percent of customers agree that they have had to base their decisions on the explainer videos. Social videos are shared more than pictures and text by staggering 1200 percent! Can you beat that? In a particular survey, 52 percent of marketing specialists selected video as the content that gives them the highest returns on investment (ROI).

74 percent of B2C marketers now make use of animations videos as their leading marketing strategy while 92 percent of B2B marketers do the same. 58 percent of customers trust companies that attach animation videos to their products more. So, before they buy any product, they will search the internet to get anyone with a video attached. Finally, 73 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy a product immediately after watching its animation video.

Although animation videos have a lot of benefits, you may not be able to tap into them completely if you don’t get it right with your videos. Here are some tips for your killer videos

Attractive and stunning graphics

What pulls attention to a video most is a powerful and compelling graphics. It is the graphics that will push the viewer to watch the video a little longer. Besides, people rate the quality of the product with the quality of its explainer video. So, if your video offers poor graphics, it is a big minus. It may still pull traffic, but not as much traffic as it should.

It has to be brief

No matter how funny your video is, viewers will begin to lose interest if it is too long. And when they watch it, they might not watch it again. But if it is below 2 minutes, they might watch it several times. Have you ever wondered why comedies are always short? They become boring when they get too long. So, make your video short and funny and it will go viral

Let the video speak for itself

Create your video in such a way that anybody that watches it will understand it easily even without listening to the characters in the video. This has a couple of advantages. A deaf-mute can watch it and understand it. Sharing of videos now crosses international borders. So, other viewers who do not understand the language being spoken in the video will still understand it. However, it is better to create a separate video for different regions for better result. It is just that it will cost you much more.

Add a lot of humor

The funnier your explainer video is, the further it will go. If you get it right, people will see your brand as very funny and they will always look forward to any video linked to your brand. Because of the humor, people will watch it over and over again. And when they eventually decide to buy the product, they will go for your brand even if its price is a little higher than what your competitors offer

Edit your explainer videos periodically

People often get attracted to fresh touches. When an old product is rebranded, its sales usually increase even if nothing about the product changes. This is the power of rebranding. Take consumables for instance, when you change the package of particular beer, its sales will increase even if the price and the content do not change. How do you explain that?

It happens to animation videos too. No matter how funny a video is, it has a lifespan. After about 3 months, nobody will pay attention to it again. It will no longer make people laugh again because they have all seen it several times. You can discard it if you have reached the sales target for that product. If not, you need to change the video to make it fresh.

Start with the most important part

Not everybody will watch your animation video to the end so it is important to start with the important parts first. This means that if anybody watches as little as the first quarter of the video, he or she would have gotten the most important points.

The Video has to be brand specific

A lot of other companies may be offering the same kind of products and if your video does not include the unique advantage of your product, you may be advertising for that category of product and not only your own. Imagine this video, in an animation video, it suddenly starts raining and a lady in the middle of nowhere quickly pulls out her umbrella and opens it. That video is not brand specific. It has only underscored the importance of umbrellas and the video will only boost umbrella sales generally. But if the video shows how the umbrella can generate some heat to keep the lady warm while she is in the rain, then that will be the joker. The video obviously has shown the unique advantage of that particular umbrella.

Consider Your FAQs

To reduce the number of questions prospective customers will ask, you have to incorporate the answers to the likely frequently asked questions about the product. So, that your customers will take well informed decision almost immediately after watching the video.

Include a touch of urgency

There will always be procrastinators. And some customers will prefer to buy the product exactly when they need it. So, you need to include some urgency. Maybe you include a discount promo code in the video and state that will expire after a month. That way, procrastinators will take action immediately.

It is all about the script

The most important part of an animation video is the story. The story of a video is like the chassis of a vehicle. Every other thing is built on the story. The story is presented as a script. So, it is all about the script. A good script should cover the following points.

You have to state what your product or service is all about. But because you are also thinking of brevity, one or two sentences should be enough for you to state all what your product or service is meant for. The sentences should be as clear as possible. It should be free from any form of ambiguity.

Your script should also consider your target audience. For instance, if your target audience are teenagers and young adults, you should try to include their favorite slangs and catch phrases. And you should also make relevant references.

For instance, it is anti-productive to target young adult and make reference to an artiste like Kenny Rogers. Artistes like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Machine gun Kelly will work better. In the same vein, if your target audience is aged customers who are above 50, references to the likes of Don Williams, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers will yield a better result.

You also have to consider the problem that your product or service solves. You don’t just state the problem, it is better to play the situation out in the video and your product or service will eventually save the day like some super hero. For instance, your product is a drug and it works for asthma. The video has to present someone with an attack and how your drug was administered. Everybody will get to see how the patient gets relieved immediately after taking your drug. That way, the whole scenario will register itself in the minds of the viewers and linger much longer than ordinary picture and texts.

Your video also has to explain in details how your product or service works. It should explain in a way that it will elicit little or no question at all. In the end you should include a call to action. That is about the most appropriate end for marketing videos.

A very common challenge is hiring a competent animation video specialist. A lot of consultants and firms offer the service but only very few deliver quality service. To avoid falling into wrong and incompetent hands, you need to harm yourself with the tips below.

Go for experience

There is no trade or profession where experience does not matter. So, you have to hire a specialist with the most experience. Don’t accept only word of mouth on this. A lot of service providers usually inflate their experience. You need to request a documentary evidence of his or her experience.

There is a little caveat to this. More experience usually comes with higher charges. The most experienced candidate may be the costliest one. If you find the charges of the most experienced candidate too much for you, hire a cheaper one but use other criteria to assess him.

While it is quite tempting to hire the animation video specialist with the lowest charges, you have to be careful as ridiculously low charges could be a pointer to a low quality jobs. At the same time higher charges do not always lead to high quality jobs. You have to hang in between.

You also need to assess the level of innovation and creativity of your prospective explainer video specialist. Ask him to show you some of his past works. You can check them out to see if they level up to what you want. You can also check the pedigree of their clients. If they have been working for notable companies, then they are competent.

Their set of equipment should also be assessed. This should give you an additional confidence in their job. See how up-to-date their tools and software are. Their customer support should be assessed too. This is because explainer video service is not a one-off service. The videos will keep changing regularly. How many times did you call them before someone picked and responded? If you called more than twice before someone picked. It is a big pointer to a poor customer support. Every company should pick their call at the first attempt or call you back almost immediately. Anything short of that is not professional.

Finally, you can never hire an incompetent animation video specialist if you seek reference from someone who has ordered the service recently.