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Overlooked Aspects of Corporate Videos

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Overlooked Aspects of Corporate Videos


‘The last creative brushstroke that is put onto a film is the soundtrack. This can be a beautifully thought-out process, calling on the talents of many people working at this end of a film’s life. A real joy can be felt as life is breathed into a film story conceived…’ – Patrick Drummond


When it comes to sound, there is a right way and a wrong way to make a video. When you are exploring corporate videos as a means to market your business, it is critical that there is quality audio as well as video. Unfortunately, many people focus on what they’re able to visualize over what they can hear. This is a common problem, particularly among amateurs.

TopLine Comms agrees that when put to good use, sound effects, music, verbal cues and yes, even silence can greatly elevate your video. And yet, sound is usually left as an after-thought for post-production among untrained individuals. This is unfortunate because no amount of editing (not even magic) can fix bad sound!


Numbers don’t lie.

In 2015, SnakkBlog found that advertisement consumption is 42% higher on mobile devices (tablets) compared to ads on TV and on the newspaper. That rate is already on the rise and growth is expected to continue in the years to come especially since Australia is one of the world’s most advanced smartphone markets. Now, more than ever, is a great time to create videos that speak to and attract audiences for marketing purposes.

Today, a lot of technologies allowing a DIY approach exist and many companies who are looking to save money will opt to create their own videos using smart phones and digital cameras. The problem with this method is that it usually results in poor audio quality. A lot of static, unnecessary noise and difficulties in hearing what the actors are saying detracts from the overall message that is being presented.

To create a complete audience experience, audio is arguably more crucial that video quality. An audience member might forgive a blurry or out-of-focus image but be highly critical of bad sound because if you can’t understand what the subject is saying then there is simply no point in listening to what they have to say. For example, 80% of the information in an interview format video is relayed through sound. In the absence of proper audio, it will be impossible for a given audience to easily understand the content and have a rewarding viewing experience.


Impressions matter to engagement.

It is in your business’s best interest to seek out an experienced corporate video production company as a way of ensuring that the video being produced is a meaningful piece of communication that is attractive to both the eyes and the ears. There is no point in creating a video to promote your company and your products and services if the audio does not reflect the professionalism that you have to offer.

You have likely watched a video that was visually enticing enough to get you to click play initially, only to be let down by poor audio quality and promptly turn it off. Consumers in the digital age are only going to spend so long making a decision about your business, and that isn’t very long at all. It is our job to make any interaction and engagement with your business pleasurable and easy for consumers in all respects. Poor audio quality is an all too common issue that kills audience engagement and sends them heading in the direction of your competition. Remember, you only get one chance to make a great impression!


An array of locations, without a disarray of sound.

There is no point in spending money on video production if the final product does not reflect the high quality of your business. Often the cost of renting a studio seems unnecessary and easily avoidable. After all, with so many beautiful location across Sydney, filming an interview on the steps of The Opera House seems like a wonderful idea, initially. It is the uncontrollable background noise that you encounter in these environments that has been responsible for ruining the quality of too many videos. With cars honking, tires screeching, dogs barking, people talking, and so on, all of which can be avoided with a few specialist techniques and not at the cost of showing all of the beauty that Australia has to offer.

Consumers may not know the professional way to make a film, but they definitely know a professional product. They are going to expect that companies like yours will use professional methods of creating corporate videos. If you don’t pay attention to audio, many consumers will see your video and decide that what you’re selling or promoting is not worth their time since you put so little effort into it.

A professional corporate video production company makes it possible for you to capture quality video and audio in the locations that you desire! They can ensure that your vision is realised to the highest standard throughout the production and pre-production process.


Master your craft. Make a Video. Make sense.

The reason that you wanted a corporate video in the first place was to tell people why they should do business with you or why they should engage with your cause. If you cannot master audio, how can you relay your message? How can you sell your product and services?


Seek help whenever possible.

There are so many factors to consider when making a corporate video. Developing a new product or program is stressful enough without the marketing considerations of how best to elicit the desired reaction from your target audience. Seek help from a professional and sleep soundly at night. Hiring a corporate video production company will be invaluable to your experience. We remove the guess work, having met deadlines and worked within set budgets to deliver high quality corporate videos time and time again.




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