For many years the trend of independent outsourcing and freelancing has been in the upswing. Outsourcing is relatively cheaper and you can choose from a variety of freelancers available out there. Instead of molding a permanent employee according to your need every time, you can outsource exactly according to your requirements. Many companies already outsource more than one functions of their business. With the advancements in technology and related fields, the present freelance generation has a lot to offer in the video production niche as well. Some of the benefits of outsourcing your corporate video production include:

You save money on downtime

There are plenty of reasons as to how you can save some money on outsourcing your video production to a third-party. One of the best reasons is the fact that you won’t have to pay a professional a monthly salary – which can be a financial burden especially when you don’t have a lot of project he/she can work on. An independent, third-party organization can be contacted any time there is a need for a brand new video campaign. Plus, they will also liable to complete your milestones on time and with quality precision.

Initial capital expenditure is avoided

Gaining control over both your equipment and personnel is definitely an attractive option until you realize how much the idea can cost you. The equipment for video production is expensive. From configuring a studio equipped with appropriate soundproofing and power sources to shelling out money for editing software, microphones, cameras, light, and other production gear, the budget is skyrocketed without you realizing. Outsourcing saves you from all this hassle and lets the freelancer handle it all at his own ease.

Outsourcing gives you access to a bigger team

Most companies try a short cut by assigning two different tasks to the same individual. You have to realize that when an in-house video marketing professional is juggling multiple tasks at a given time – you have to be realistic and expect some hiccups pertaining to deadlines and quality. Video production demands focus and meticulous creativity – and that can only come with streamlined technologies and dedicated professionals. Companies can instead hire highly skilled professionals as per their need by utilizing freelancing services. This will prevent their employees from trying to wear several hats at once and will also ensure work efficiency and better performance.

Video production will be more efficient

A professional is naturally more efficient and well equipped than someone who is taking charge as a part time video producer. Video production companies have spent years learning the art and they have tons of experience in this particular field. They have command on everything related to video production such as managing shoot schedules, troubleshooting issues and production sessions.

You don’t have to invest in studio and production equipment

A professional studio has a lot of equipment that only a video production company solely can afford. These include pre-set lighting systems, green walls required for digital graphics and backgrounds, pre-configured sets, and editing bays. Moreover, buying equipment is one thing – you also need to have trained professional to get the proper and best use out of that equipment – something that in-house professionals aren’t likely acquainted with – thus training costs!

Better post production tools and knowledge base

It isn’t difficult to get your hands on all the graphic and editing software for precision based video processing after a shoot but the real tricks and quirks required ensuring optimal utilization of these tools is difficult for in-house personnel. Video production companies have trained software professionals that are quite apt at leveraging these softwares to their maximum value.

Non-local shots are easier to get

Sending your personnel offsite for a video shoot can become an expensive endeavor. A better, more cost-effective method is to hire a video production team at the respective location. You can get footages directly from out of town tradeshows, other corporate areas, or client locations through a phone call or an email, saving a heavy amount of cash moving your team offsite.

Blind spots of being in the same company inhibits an outsider’s view

In-house personnel often tend to have a tunnel vision due to a lack of exposure or working in a confined set of regulations in the company. Micromanagement and lack of exposure or lack of projects coming can dull their creativity overtime – shutting their ability to think out of the box.

A video production company on the other hand, is very well aware of the trend setters and can help you achieve exactly what you want by upping your game in comparison to your competitors.

According to experts, it is expected that in 2020, use of video content for marketing will account for over 80% of online traffic. With that being said, you need to have all your basis covered – and to entrust your video production specifications to a certified, talented third-party professional.