Testimonial Videos On The Rise, What Is So Special About Them?

Testimonial Videos On The Rise, What Is So Special About Them?

I am sure that you have heard the phrase that nothing stays the same, except that things change. This comes from a saying from Heraclitus. The one thing that we can all be sure of is that everything will continue to change. When it comes to how you should market yourself, that changes even quicker than the other aspects of your business. It gets really frustrating and time consuming, it takes a lot out of you.

The newest trend is video marketing. This is a great way to market your business, it is a tool that can be used to engage your visitors. So, what is the newest marketing tool? Testimonial videos. Not that long ago, explainer videos were on the top of the trend, now they have been booted down to third place.

What is the deal with Testimonial videos?

We investigated to find out why this is a new trend and what makes it so popular. The reason that this has been such a popular trend is that it people like to see the person so they know that they are real. Anything can be typed onto a webpage, but seeing the video make it more believable. A visual and audible presentation is just more appealing in general. Not many people like to just read that much as it is, even if they like reading novels. Chances are that your web page is nowhere near an interesting novel anyways. There is also the fact that there is no proof in words typed into a website generally.

Having a previous or current customer vouch for you is one of the best marketing tools that you can have. A video testimonial on your site helps make you look more credible, trustworthy, and it is very effective because of that. Obviously you want your future customers to trust you, and want to buy your products or services. You can go on and on about yourself, but who really wants to hear that from anybody? Much less a business. Quite frankly it gives your company a bad name.

Using Real People

Of course you can hire actors to fill this role, and make fake testimonial videos, but it just does not have the same vibe to it. Not to mention the fact that people can look up the actors you use. Everything is on the internet these days. They would not even need a name to search online to see if it was an actor. There is this new thing called image searching, and it is pretty accurate. Of course you can still use an actor and the video can still have that real factor… If the actor actually uses your services or buys from you.

This is actually done quite frequently, and it is basically a celebrity endorsement. Though it may be a little more expensive, it is definitely worth it. Just think of all the brands advertised in sports, and how fast they do sell because of it. It is the same general concept.

Scripts Are Not Generally Used

You can coach the people in these testimonials a little, but you want them to sound naturally, like they are just talking about your company or place of business. Almost as if they are just talking to a friend at the kitchen table, and bragging about what they got or the excellent service they received from you. Of course if you have an actor endorsing you, then they probably know what they are going to say and do already.

Testimonial Videos In Summary

So you can still go on and on about yourself, but this might work a lot better in the long run. Building a trusted and credible reputation for your business should always be a top priority. If it is not, then people will simply go somewhere else for what they were going to get from you. The business world is a tough place, but with the right mindset you can manage through it, and probably find a fair amount of success. Contact us to get your testimonial video!

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