Traditional training courses are so impersonal, time consuming and expensive that most employees lose interest and focus quite easily. An increasingly popular strategy to train employees is to take help from technology and use videos to help maintain their interest along with ensuring appropriate learning. This alternative is relatively cheaper and more effective than any traditional training methods. This also shows a live demonstration how a particular technique being taught might work in the real world. Some of the advantages of training employees through videos include:

  1. Information can be deployed more quickly through one video being streamed to a group of people at the same time
  2. The training can also be accessed through one’s mobile or smartphone directly
  3. Ease of access can be ensured by enabling people to watch it with their convenience, time and territory
  4. New employees get on board quicker through video training
  5. If a video has been directed with an “easy to digest content” approach in mind, it can be prove to be highly fruitful in imparting the concept and your employees
  6. Whether compliance training or a product launch, videos can be used for a number of different purposes
  7. Videos are highly likely to be stopped and replayed as many times as a person wishes, thus ensuring learning at one’s own preferred pace. This does not involve a piece of information to escape permanently
  8. Training time can hugely be shortened by making to-the-point, short videos. This requires less cognitive effort along with better ability to grasp the content more efficiently
  9. The message delivered in a video is consistent and free from amendment, no matter who the instructor or how different his style of delivery is
  10. Videos are the most highly professional way of delivering a concept. Most world renowned companies are incorporating technological advances to replace older styles and methods of doing the same thing. It not only ensures ease of use but ascertains a developmental approach of your company towards the increasing challenges of modern day innovations
  11. When the employee feels autonomous, they are likely to feel more motivated to work for you. An inhibited employee culture where they are required to take long training workshops is likely to drain them of not only energy but motivation and loyalty towards your company as well
  12. A video library can be created to provide on-demand learning that should be easily accessible by the employees when and wherever they want. This is one way of carrying all the skills in their pocket so that they do not have to bend over backwards to try and retain a certain skill they learned yore ago in a face to face training session
  13. Videos are a highly efficient way of demonstrating certain procedures when only words cannot impart the exact ‘how’ of a certain skill. More often than not, if an instructor is even performing the procedure in front of a group of employees, a lot of them cannot have the perfect view accompanied with accurate sound instructions because of sitting in the last lines. Videos ensure that everybody gets to hear and see the skills performed at their own ease on their own device and repeat certain procedures to get a complete grasp as per their need
  14. Videos are hugely beneficial for self-testing and self-studying since they do not require relying on another person who may or may not be able to understand where you are stuck
  15. The cost-effectiveness of a video based training is limitless. It helps you save money on traveling, paying hefty amounts to a hired instructor, arranging a special room for the attendees and all other related expenses
  16. Employees feel more empowered and their productivity is enhanced
  17. People usually have different learning styles and preferences. Some are more visual whereas the rest emphasize the audio instructions more. When a live training session is being delivered, you can never ensure whether both picture and voice of the instructor are optimally reaching to your audience who may be having different learning styles that you are completely unaware of. A video based training ensure the optimal use of these resources to people and enable them to leverage maximum advantage from both
  18. Employee engagement is enhanced and companies can ensure remote employees are also getting the same message as the near ones are
  19. The best part about videos is that they can be created and edited so that any error in the skill being demonstrated or the message being imparted is minimized. Moreover they can be shot to match the exact culture of your workplace so that employees understand the expectations you have from them
  20. The content can always be customized and controlled through a video