The Best Ways To Stream Corporate Videos

The Best Ways To Stream Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Streaming

So It is probably a safe bet that if you have ever been on the internet, then you have seen the amount of advertising on it. Seeing as most people get online at least once a day, yeah you have seen it. One of the most popular ways of corporate advertising online is through videos that pop up before you see what you wanted too, or videos posted through social media. Of course there are companies like Wistia that do it as well, and they handle where people see your videos. Where do you want your video though? How long should it be? What will catch people’s attention for my company? These are all very important questions. So here it is;


The Best Ways To Stream Corporate Videos

Well the first part of it is having an interesting video. Maybe include something funny or interesting in the video like a mascot or popular spokesperson. Once you have the video, it is important that it is streamed in a place where a lot of people visit on the internet. Social media websites and video sharing websites are by far the most popular choices, but they are not the only choices out there. You will want to choose a base website to post your video, and then share it from there.

A base website should be chosen by reliability and easy use by the audience you want to watch it. The reliability part means that your video is not going to be deleted by accident, hidden from view, or not shown for some other reason. It should also be a site that is easily accessed and easy to share from.

Once you have chosen the base website and have it posted on there, then you can either go through a service to share it, or do it yourself. The important part regardless of what you choose to do there, is that your video makes it to your audience. Whether they be on the big social media websites, or in a forum somewhere. Maybe the video needs to be streamed in an advertisement somewhere and targeted to a very specific audience. Always look over all your options before paying for anything, because miracle advertisers are everywhere. Large free video platforms just want you to post your video with them so they can put an ad in front of it too.

Consider The Different Types Of Videos & Platforms

Purely promotional videos are not the only way to go, and certainly not the only good way to go. Even if your company is just referenced in a video, if said video goes viral, then you will see results from it. Another thing you will want to consider for SEO purposes goes back to your base website. A large video platform might very well be free, but that does not mean that it is good for your websites SEO. Search Engine Optimization is where your website is ranked, and a free video platform may not give you the results you are looking for.

Why? The answer is a lot simpler than you think. A free video platform might be larger than a paid for video platform like Wistia, but there are also a lot more videos on the free platforms. These other videos make those free platforms seem like spam to the search engines. So it is entirely okay to consider a paid video platform for your corporate videos. Not to mention that there will not likely be another ad that shows before your ad, which is quite the benefit given how sick of ads people already are.

In Summary

Always remember the old saying “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” That will help you a lot in the long run when it comes to expectations and actual results. A candy bar commercial on TV might make someone hungry, but that does not mean they are going to run to the store for one right then. Corporate video streaming online follows that same concept. You will likely see results if you consider all your video options and platform options, but unless you have the water from the fountain of youth, then the internet still is not magic. Contact us to find out more.

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