The Advantages of Corporate Video Live Streaming


“Sharing live video broadcasts can help you connect with your prospects and community in a whole new way, making your brand more real, more relatable and more accessible.” – Kim Garst



Live Streaming is not a brand new concept. It is something many industries from retail to entertainment, (etcetera) have done and used to their advantage for a couple of years now. However, as of late, especially with the rise of technology and the widespread use of social media, the use of live streaming as a means to reach targeted audiences have reached a whole new peak.

Live streaming is a powerful tool that every company who’s looking to sell their products and services should definitely look into. If your company has not explored this type of media yet then see below the many ways that live streaming can be advantageous to you.


Live Streaming means better brand exposure.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? As a point of reference, 95% of marketers agree that visual content shown online is very important. Imagine how many words you can deliver by live streaming compelling content to your audience! According to Studio-C by Matter Corporation, in 2013 alone, 80% of well-known companies worldwide had planned to allot budgets for production of these visuals. That’s how much potential there is on published online content!

Numbers speak and if we go by the above numbers from a couple of years ago then live streaming your company and product content is a trend that won’t die out anytime soon! Consider it an added bonus that you can help raise people’s awareness of who you are as a company and what you can offer the community as well. This helps build rapport and develop trust with your target audience and may sometimes bring in some amazing prospects. That in itself, is already very rewarding.


Live Streaming reaches a bigger audience.

One of the challenges of large companies is reaching their target audience “effectively” especially with some restrictions like distance and time. At this day and age, the majority of the income-generating population can be reached as long as they have at least a palm-held device. Live streaming then bridges the gap by allowing the most number of people to view what you are streaming from wherever they are in the world.

The internet is a very powerful tool. With live streaming, you give your consumers access to the event your company chooses to host – be it an announcement, live interaction session or forum. You empower your consumers by making it possible for them to participate in an event they will have not had an access to if not through the internet.


Live Streaming delivers more meaningful content.

According to Richard Weaver, “Branding yourself with a logo and a few articles is a good idea, but people want to see something more from you, and this is where live streams can help. They offer rich, tangible content that’s highly desirable and a lot of fun to peruse, not to mention very informative.”

Live streaming helps your company connect to the target audience on a more personal level as it requires a face and a voice to deliver your message effectively thus making it more relatable. Plus, it requires some credibility and confidence from your company’s end to up the ante and present to the world the product or service you are looking to sell in spite of not being able to control entirely how the audience would react.


Live Streaming helps build up excitement and enforce urgency at the same time.

Consumers or people, in general, do not want to wait long before they either make the decision of “yes, I’m buying that” or to find out “what’s the point”.  Live streaming appeals to the intrinsic self-gratifying personality of every viewer where there’s an unconscious energy to grant basic needs and desires immediately!

When your company does a live stream, you give the viewers ability to participate in the running commentary thus there’s an “immediate” interaction. This make the viewers feel like they’re part of the “IN” crowd. Additionally, their feedback can help you gauge the level of interest your product may generate plus Areas For Improvement at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Live Streaming is cost effective.

Cost is still involved when you decide to setup and live stream an event for your company. However, looking at the bigger picture, live streaming actually helps you save a lot of money by cutting down on the production and editing time.

Also, in situations where your company’s training team needs to travel to various locations to provide training to new employees or provide information about new systems and/or products, live streaming helps save cost of travel, lodging and security. By opting to stream your event or training, everyone gets the information at the same time from wherever you are to wherever they are!


Live streaming can be re-purposed.

Re-purposing videos applies pretty much onto any kind of content. However, LIVE videos prove to be a rich source of scenes and images that can easily be transformed into other forms of content — be it a published video transcript for your personal blog, a reproduced video on social media sites or a show reel for your personal purposes. There’s no limit for the choices that you have. Plus, it is always a smart move to re-purpose your content to expand the reach of your message.


Live streaming makes you stand out from competition.

Although Live Streaming has been with us for a while, it’s not yet as common as other digital marketing channels. That being said, it only makes sense that you capitalize on that edge and do it quick! Although it has not reached the point where it’s done by everyone yet, it is quickly gaining traction, and more and more people are using it on a daily basis like Facebook LIVE and Snapchat.


Live Streaming promotes increase in Online Visibility and SEO Rankings.

Way back 2016, Digital KickStart published that a research showed that online video streamers are growing at an amazing rate of 60% per month while TV viewers has declined by 4%. This shift in the type of viewers has prompted marketers to evolve and produce content aimed towards live- streaming audiences. Albeit challenging, live streaming has made it possible for marketers to connect to consumers real-time.

Depending how you live stream your event, it can directly affect your SEO rankings. If you haven’t thought of it yet then you’re missing out! Live videos are just simply more engaging than written articles and if you place it in the right avenues– like YouTube and Google, then you’re producing viable and interesting content. Search engines love that and they will reward you for it!



There are probably more advantages to Live Streaming than what’s listed above. It’s up to you and your company how you’d explore these advantages to make them your own and perhaps, to even grow beyond them. Just remember that although it’s readily available, Live Streaming is by no means something an amateur should do on their own. It’s well and good to have a video content for the web, but if a comet falls in a field where there’s no one to hear or see it, there’s no wonder to be had. Useless.

Video SEO is a new and developing art and science. Thus, it requires technique and thorough preparation. In order for your video content to be seen where it needs to be seen and be heard how it needs to be heard, hire a professional production team. You can see some of our work here.