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Video Editing

Do you have some amazing footage but don’t have anyone to put it together? If you in need of video editing, Full Frame Productions has a team of editors ready for your project. Video editing can be a complex and time intensive task but our editors have years of experience in providing an excellent product to our customers. At affordable prices, our video editors will work very quickly and at the same time producing excellent work. Contact our video editors by filling out the form.

We offer professional and quality video editing services for customers who want to edit their videos. These include individuals, organizations and corporate clients. We use the latest and most innovative computer and video technology to offer our clients cutting-edge products video editing services for all.

Video editing is a fairly smooth process, where we edit certain unwanted segments from randomly shot videos, juxtapose useful ones in order to bring out the video’s definite meaning, polish it by arranging randomly obtained shots into meaningful sequence and embellishing the video with background effects and music.

If you are in need of a professional and expert video editor, you can count on our staff. We will provide nothing short of satisfactory results for all our video editing services. Feel free to give us a shout on any questions that you may have, and we’ll gladly respond to all of them. Our highly rated customer service department will give you all the confidence to know that you can expect nothing but the best.

Roles of a Video Editor

A video editor is responsible for collecting different raw recorded material and assembling it into a complete product suitable for airing. The material may include, dialogue, camera footage, graphics, effects, sound and special effects. This is a crucial post-production process where the editor’s skills will determine the quality of the final delivery product. A video editor works very close to the director in order to achieve a common objective.

It’s also highly likely that a video editor can be employed as a freelancer, working on short and mid-term contracts for post-production television companies, studios and corporate clients.

Specialist computer software, digital technology and quality digitalization of pictures and sound have effectively replaced conventional and traditional manual methods of cutting films. In certain instances an editor may be offered creative freedom, while in some required to operate necessary machines and equipment.

Types of Video Editing

A video editor may work in a variety of productions which include:

• Television programs

• Feature films

• Commercials

• Music videos

• Corporate training videos


A video editor’s work will involve:

• Receiving briefs, a screenplay or an overview of footage and a short script, list;

• Assembling and combining raw footage, with camera shots transferred or recorded to video disc or tape in preparation for feeding the computer;

• Inputting sound and uncut rushes, synchronizing and storing them in computer files;

• Cutting files digitally and putting them together into sequence in a film and determining what is usable and not;

• Creating ‘rough cuts’ or assembly edits of the film and deciding the exact cutting for the following and final stages.

• Tweaking and recording content to ensure logical sequence and smooth flowing of the video.

Additional roles may include:

• Supervising the progress and quality of video and audio engineering and editing;

• Testing different techniques and styles and including designs of certain graphic elements;

• Suggesting and selecting music

• Writing commentary.

A video editor may also perform online editing duties that involve finalising technical aspects like colouring and grading, correcting faulty footage as well as adding special effects.