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The Best Advantages of Incorporating a Video to Train Your Employees

Training videos are digestible, promote productivity and reduce costs; and that’s just the beginning.

Whatever the size of your startup, small business or multi-site organization, training your employee work force is a large and much needed investment. Not only is training necessary to help your staff understand the requirements and responsibilities of their job, but proper training helps show your employees how you value them and their contributions to the company.

Whether your past training experiences have included one-on-one education or large group workshops, perhaps it’s time to take a look at incorporating videos to train your employees. Below you’ll find 8 advantages to creating and incorporating training videos in your organization.

Training Videos are Digestible

Bringing on a new hire to the team means building a culture within that individual to help set them up to succeed. Consider how long that “culture building’ has taken with the employees you currently have on staff. Years, right? Because of this tension, it’s common for companies to bombard new employees with a barrage of often ‘far-too-much-to-handle information as soon as they step foot in the door. Creating a professionally produced training course means you can divide your information in bite sized, easy to digest videos that help your viewer remember key information.

Instead of slamming all your “must know” information into a training afternoon, consider a training course spread out over a week or two, made up of videos cut into 4 to 5 minute sections, then followed up by employee exercises to ensure information retainment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Training Videos Promote Productivity

Think back to the last time you endured an employee onboarding situation. Chances are it involved a long-winded presentation that took each teaching team member away from their workspace and responsibilities for hours, even weeks at a time. Creating a polished training video series can communicate the information without your entire HR department members having to be in attendance. Your new employees can easily, individually watch their training videos, creating a more efficient work situation for everyone involved.

Training Videos are Effective

If you’ve ever wanted an incredibly effective way to communicate your products or services to your team of new hires (and who doesn’t want that), then training video production should be your first stop in your search for employee empowerment. Think of the power of utilizing not just talking head type videos to communicate pertinent information, but the video gives you the power and options of providing walk-and-talk style sessions, motion graphics-based explainer videos, and even animated videos! Tap into the power of video as you train your new employees on the benefits of your company.

Training Videos Reduce Costs

In an age where off-site employment is very much a part of a company’s workforce, it is not uncommon for an employee trainer to travel to another part of the country to educate a new hire on their responsibilities and expectations. With well-produced training videos, airfare, daily per diems, and additional travel expenses are a thing of the past. Your one-time payment for an incredibly captivating video series automatically sends your complete training session across the globe.

Training Videos are an Efficient Use of Time

One of the hallmarks of one on one series of workplace educational sessions or live training workshops is wasted time. Too often communicators find they need to “warm up the crowd” or make chit chat before diving into much needed information. Training videos offer no opportunity for casual conversation, instead they dive head first into real, help, relevant information for your employees. Because training videos connect the dots for your new hires, they’ll be ready sooner to jump right in and start their new job.

Training Videos are Always Accessible

Place yourself in the shoes of your new hire. You’ve just started at your brand new job, maybe in a brand new part of the country, you’re learning a brand new way to operate within the confinesof brand-new-to-yousystems.Let’ssayyou’renowtwomonthsintoyournewposition, well past your training when suddenly, “Oh no! I’ve forgotten method/culture point/important company information numero 7!” Take heart. The information you’re looking for is still very much available via your company’s employee site. So, take a breath, pull up to your desk and peruse the accessible information you company provided when you began.

Training Videos Promote Retainability

It’s true! People are 65% more likely to retain information they experienced on screen, rather than simply imagining it as someone communicated facts and figures. Put in practical terms, this means your employees are less likely to forget the stuff they need to remember while doing their

job! Talk about a return on investment; and what better investment to make then into the people who are propelling your company’s vision and mission forward as they communicate and work with your partners and clients. If that isn’t reason enough to jump into the video-training pool, then we don’t know what is!

Training Videos Communicate Vision Concisely

Think of the last time you experienced a leader or supervisor communicating heart and vision surrounding a project or initiative. Chances are there was plenty of “heart,” but there’s also a good chance there was just too much, well, length to their communication.

When leaders talk about their passions, it’s all too often they get long winded. You walk away thinking, “That’s all great, but man, they could have said that in about half the time.” Taking the time to put your thoughts on paper and write and rehearse a script for video means you’ll find where you can edit, cut and abbreviated passages you might have otherwise elongated with little to no thought. Accept the power of video as an opportunity to say in 5 words, what would have otherwise taken you 7. Your staff will not only appreciate you for it, but they’ll retain far more than they would have otherwise.