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Full Frame Productions is a group of experienced video creators, content makers, animators, and editing innovators. A full-service, get-it-done production team.

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We’ve been providing exceptional quality video content to our clients across Australia for over ten years. We create online videos that tell your story—and make it easy for you, at the same time. With the skills, tools, and dedicated team to deliver amazing videos in short timeframes, we throw everything we have into making your video production as simple, accessible, and as smooth as possible.

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Carlos / Head of Staff Distraction

Enjoys chewing anything and strutting his stuff around Richmond.

Ace / Director of Cuddles

Specialises in office ball sports and managing the daily cuddle count.

Spencer / Staff

Alex Stojkovski / Motion Graphics

Sitting in a corner of the Animation room is Alex, one of our official cartoon-picture-moving people.

Dael Matyas / Motion Graphics

Dael makes cool things and moves them around on screen. He enjoys coffee, Street Fighter & talking movies with other animators.

James Birrell / Post-Production Manager

James is the most important person at WeMOV, and the most attractive. His dedication to handling client feedback is world-class.

Lola / Chief Sleep Officer

Jin Tommo / Camera Operator

If his head isn’t in a bowl of ramen after a busking session, it's being a shape shifter for WeMOV, put him anywhere.

Louis Haines / Motion Graphics

Louis helps your ideas come to life through animation. With a background in Graphic Design, he loves being creative.

Dominique Carr / Staff

Kevin / Staff

Josh Drever / Executive Creative Director

Josh is the baldest person at WeMOV. His bald head is actually a solar panel for the ideas factory in his brain.

Garth Stone / Managing Director

Garth has been with WeMOV since day one. His job involves schmoozing clients and making sure the good vibes are set to max.

Monroe / Head of Puplick Relations

Monroe is a show stopper who demands attention from all that enter a room. Marilyn who?

Rach Moors-Chantry / Head of Production

Rach is smallest of the managers but loudest in office singing. She’s often found with bulldog, Carlos and a wine.

Geoff Billingham / Senior Editor

Geoff is known as WeMOV’s no. 1 employee, not necessarily because he’s the best employee... because he was the first of many.

Harry Aronsten / Director / Senior Editor

Besides editing epic videos and directing on-set, Harry is also WeMOV's computer doctor that keeps the machines fit and healthy.

Phil Krynski / Business Development Manager

Phil is someone who thinks outside the box, has the drive to get things moving and is a person who inspires and entertains.

Nitesh Asrani / Staff

Jaidyn Kemp / Staff

Paul Sutherland / Senior Editor

Paul creates stories. His wisdom, work ethic and joie de vivre serve as a constant source of inspiration to his fellow editors.

Sabine Fritsch / Staff

Elle Sutherland / Senior Producer

Elle knows a few things about a lot of things. How to pronounce her name, not so much.

Adam Groves / Director of Photography

Adam’s job at WeMOV is to press the record button on the camera. He is recognised as the coolest employee at WeMOV.

Chris Patchell / Drone Pilot

Chris captures things from the sky using the aerial perspective. He is known for talking a lot and smiling at everything.

Gus Kennedy / Director of Photography, Sydney

Gus films for WeMOV from Sydney's sunny northern beaches. He's known to wander with many cameras hanging off all available limb.

Lizzie / Staff

Jess Gleeson / People & Strategy

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