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Corporate Video: Live Streaming and Its Advantages

You’ve heard about them. You’ve even “attended” one. We’re talking about streaming your next live event. What are the pros, the cons and should you jump on board with the thousands of organizations who utilize Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and the plethora of live, online platforms to stream their function, event or announcement? Today we look at the major benefits connected to online streaming.

While live streaming is not a brand new concept, for many organizations it is a foreign one, or at least a market untapped, even though many industries and businesses on all sides of the market have taken advantage of live streaming their events for several years now. Additionally, with technology availability and social media platforms literally sitting in the palms of your customers’ hands, it’s time for everyone to realize the use of live streaming as a means to reach the targeted audiences you’ve been looking to connect with.

But those are just facts about the excitement surrounding live streaming your next function. So, let’s take a moment to look at the reasons you should consider streaming in the future.

Live Streaming = Increased Brand Exposure

95% of marketers concur that visual content shown online is the current difference maker between make or break into today’s digital market. in 2013 alone, 80% of well-known companies worldwide had planned to allot budgets for production of these streaming and similar services, according to Studio-C by Matter Corporation, That’s the potential seen in online published content!

Raise people’s awareness of who you are as an organization and what you and your products can offer the world. This is just another way you can help build rapport and develop the trust your company deserves to have with your target audience. Perhaps, now, your appetite is wet for considering the advantages of live streaming.

Living Streaming = Wider Audience

A huge challenge for companies of all sizes is grabbing hold of their target audiences’ attention, especially beyond the restrictions of distance and time. Live streaming allows you to break through those barriers by connecting directly to them through their phone, tablet or personal computer. Reach the income generating population as you use streaming to bridge the gap between you and the consumer. Give them a connection point to your company’s event,

announcement, interactive workshop and forums. Allow your potential clients to participate in an event they don’t have to attend publicly through the wonders of the internet.

Live Streaming = More Personal Content

Having a company logo, website, and a few blogs is good, but your potential clients want more. They want to see what you’re really all about. Live streaming can help you see what they’re looking for. Via live streaming, your customer base can experience rich, tangible content that communicates who you are and what you offer. They’re seeing the real you!

Because live streaming requires a voice and a face to deliver your message, it becomes more relatable. It’s an opportunity for your credibility and confidence to drive your message and talk about the services you and your organization are selling without sounding to “salesy.”

Live Streaming = Excitement

When your organization “goes live,” you’re giving your viewers an opportunity to be part of something real and live and “happening now.” Additionally, you give your watchers a chance to participate through ‘liking,’ commenting and responding to your live. It’s an opportunity for immediate reaction and interaction. The viewers become a part of the action. Not to mention, your viewers feedback can help you gauge interest in your product and services. It’s mutually beneficial.

Live Streaming = Cost Effectiveness

Alright, so let’s take a moment and talk about cost. If you’ve got budget on the brain, as most of us do, your first thought is, “But what about the price of equipment, cost of staff and commitment of time?” It’s true, when you decide to setup and live stream an event, there are some hard dollar considerations, but when you take a moment to look at the bigger picture, live streaming will actually, in the long run, save you a lot of money in production costs. When you live stream, you’re also live editing. So, the end result becomes an immediately closer representation of what you’re looking for in an end product corporate video.

Additionally, in situations where you’re using live streaming to communicate inner-organizational communication or training, especially across offices spread throughout the country, live streaming helps save cost on travel, lodging and per diem. By choosing to stream your event or training, everyone gets the same information at the same time from the same person in the same manner. Everyone wins, and it’s all because of live streaming.

Live Streaming = Increased SEO Rankings

Have you ever wondered how exactly you find the articles you’re looking for simply by ‘searching’ the internet? The answer is SEO (search engine optimization). The majority of

website traffic is driven by the major search engines, Google being the largest. Search engines are the primary method of navigation for most people using the internet. This is how people find your content and site. When your site provides content, services, products, information, or videos, you site grows higher and higher within search rankings, ultimately making it more, well, “findable.”

Streaming your event can directly affect your SEO rankings positively. Because live videos are simply more engaging than written articles, they are more likely to be watched, spread and found. Stream your event, improve your SEO ranking. Stream your series of workshops, improve your SEO ranking. Stream your next product launch and watch your SEO ranking fly through the roof!

While there are certainly more advantages to corporate video live streaming than included in this article, this should give you a taste of its benefits and perhaps give you the ammunition you need to do additional research and find your own personal convictions for live streaming. Do the research, take the plunge, and team up with a video production company that can take your services to the next level through the advantages of live streaming your organization’s next event or experience.