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Corporate Video Production: The Benefits

Your next video just might be the beginning of the strategic marketing campaign your company has been looking for this whole time.

Jump on Facebook, scroll through Twitter and peruse the plethora of Instagram stories on your phone and you’ll realize one thing very quickly, video is everywhere. Whether used for personal stories, self promotion, or advertising product or business, the power of video is being utilized across all platforms in an incredible and intentional way.

Think about the last organization’s website you checked out. Chances are there’s a video (or two, or three, or more) front and center as an open door, inviting you to step inside and get to know what the company is all about.

After all these years, though, why has video taken such a front and center position in today’s culture? What is it about the power of video that causes an business to say, “That’s what we need to market our services!”

Today, we take a look at many of the benefits behind corporate video production and why you and your company just might jump on the bandwagon, take the plunge, and sink your teeth into the production pipeline that leads all things back to the video.

Benefit #1: Video Increases Engagement

At the end of the day, you, me and all of our potential clients don’t just want to hear about a product or service we love, we want to be a part of it. Because we are constantly searching for people, places or things to help build our identity, we want to be able to grab hold of a brand and engage with it. That’s why we ‘like’ what we love on social media. It’s why we tag our favorite song on Instagram and it’s why we share what we love on any number of social media accounts we’re a part of. When you create a video about your organization that consumers love, you’re giving them an opportunity to not just enjoy what you have to offer, but to be a part of it.

Benefit #2: Video Boosts Sales

You’ve hard that stats that adding a product video on your website can increase conversion by over 75%, or that studies who that over 70% of users who have watched an explainer video about a product ended up purchasing it; and while those statistics may in fact be true, here’s the

bottom line, no one can argue with, facts are facts truth: CREATE A GREAT VIDEO ABOUT YOUR SERVICES OR PRODUCT AND YOUR SALES MOVE ONE WAY: UP.

That’s not even a surprising statement, because we all understand the power of vision. Capture your audience with the WHY behind your services and they’ll bite. Take that vision, communicate it visually, and you’ll be halfway down the road to creating a captivating piece in video to move your customers closer to partnering with your product.

Benefit #3: Video Adds Personality to Your Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video is worth a million. Videos can take all the elements art: images, music, and narrative and wrap them all up into a beautiful, story full of emotion that can captivate your audience within minutes. Furthermore, video can allow your target audience to feel the personality of WHO is behind your brand. Think about the last Nike or Apple spot you saw, or maybe the last movie trailer you watched. Chances are you thinking about the emotion and personality of what you experienced. From there, you’re making a decision as to whether or not you want to be a part of what you experienced. That’s the power of video: allowing your audience to get a taste of who you are behind your brand.

Benefit #4: Video Builds Trust

If trust truly is the foundation of customer conversion and sales, then trust should be your primary goal through all of your marketing efforts. Attempting to sell your audience by giving them information, though might be interesting, won’t build an ounce of trust with the consumer.

Because video can engage emotion, it allows you to tap into a possible relationship of trust with your target demographic. It is the reason brands send their products to Instagrammers with a million followers, because when they talk about their new mattress or lampstand, the audience is already bought in, because trust has already been built.

Video gives you an opportunity to begin to build that trust. Quality, effective video products can create a sense of individual approach, giving your consumers more confidence to purchase your product or service.

Benefit #5: Search Engines Love Video

Want to increase the time visitors spend on your site? Video is the key. Additionally, because of the longer exposure, you’re building “trust,” which signals to search that your site has quality content. Embed video content on your website and watch your Google ranking jump up higher than ever before. In fact, you’re over 50 times more likely to show up first in Google searches when video is a part of your website.

If that isn’t enough, video gives you the unique opportunity to utilize SEO like never before. By writing interesting titles and descriptions and utilizing keywords for your product or services,

you’re giving the world wide web the opportunity to find you and connect you with customers on the hunt for your brand.

In short, producing a video for your brand, service or product has a return on investment that you might not have experienced before.While video production might not be the cheapest or easiest investment, over 80% of businesses say video creation for the company was worth the reward.

Start thinking through the content you’d like the world to know, then dive into the world of video creation. You’ll find it increases engagement, boosts your sales, builds trust and allows customers to find you more easily when searching online. And you never know, your next video just might be the beginning of the strategic marketing campaign your company has been looking for this whole time.