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Six Essential Elements for Any Successful Video Script!

Video content continues to solidify its status as an essential pillar of any successful online marketing campaign. Put simply, it’s one of the strongest and most compelling means of supporting any business to tell its story, communicate its unique selling points, and create genuine engagement amongst existing and potential customers.


The correct mix of strong imagery and scripted words, brought together using a quality approach to video production, can offer a vital means of separating content people notice from content people clicked away from.


From snazzy and fun animations used for product launches, to polished video testimonials used to inspire user confidence, every video needs a script with several essential elements for guaranteed impact …

Engaging Intro | Full Frame Productions


Hook them in with an engaging intro


When it comes to video, remember the golden rule, first impressions count! The first few seconds of your video is your opportunity to grab viewers’ attention before you lose them to the next piece of intriguing content. A powerful intro will ensure your desired audience connects with the video early and will stick around to hear more of the things you want them to know.


Consider starting by asking the audience a question to get them thinking. Alternatively, hit them with an interesting fact. You might even decide to open by presenting a problem that your audience is likely to have grappled with … a problem that your product or service is able to solve!


Including a problem up-front will allow you to take advantage of the age-old marketing technique of presenting an issue, outlining the potential consequences of not addressing that issue, and explaining how you can help resolve it. In turn, this provides an excellent structure for your video to follow.


Show, don’t tell … remember the importance of visuals!

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While visual elements including animation and live-action footage are a crucial aspect of any video, it’s important that you give plenty of thought to the types of visuals that will best suit your brand, tell your story, and engage your audience.


Your script should be written around your chosen visuals, rather than the other way around. When combined in the right way, these two powerful story-telling techniques will bring your key messages to life, and tell your story in the most compelling way.


Consider how you want the viewer to feel


As you’re scripting your video an important question to ask yourself is, “What emotions do I want to prompt in the audience?” Basically, you need to identify what you need the viewer to feel once they’ve watched the video.


Perhaps you want them to feel sad, and inspire them into supporting a good cause.


Maybe you want them to feel inspired to sign up for a professional or personal development opportunity.


You might even want them to feel hungry, if it’s a tasty new food or drink product that you’re promoting through your video.


Keeping in mind the way you want your viewers to feel throughout the development process will guide every aspect of the production, from visuals and music, to the scenarios you portray, the people featured, and so much more!

Essential Elements For Successful Video Script

Make sure the tone aligns with your brand


Regardless of the formality of tone your business usually takes, you can usually get away with being a bit more conversational in a video – without straying too far from your usual brand voice, of course.


Exactly how much more informal you end up going will depend on things like the target audience, and the messages you’re communicating. An internal corporate video addressing a serious issue, for instance, will likely take a more serious tone than a high-energy, short-and-snappy social media video targeting an audience of millennials.


Use well-written and concise scripted elements


Although the visual elements of your video are without doubt the most important aspect, you’ll need to make sure they are complemented with effective scripting if you’re going to effectively convey your message. More-often-than-not this aspect of your video will be delivered by a trusted and confident organisational spokesperson or external ambassador, using voiceover or piece-to-camera techniques.


It’s important that you don’t overcomplicate your script. Make sure to use simple language that will simplify any complex terms or industry jargon to a level any audience member will be able to understand.


Of course, the scripted elements must be written in a style that’s appropriate for the person speaking them. If you’ve engaged a celebrity supporter to voice your video you’re likely to use more informal language, whereas the approach taken if using a company executive is likely to be more formal.

Right Tone | Essential Elements For Successful Video Script

Tell the audience what you want them to do, with a clear call-to-action!


You’re obviously making your video for a reason, and usually that reason is to convince or encourage the viewer to take a certain action … for instance, you might want them to buy, donate, register, or follow a particular process. A successful video will therefore clearly communicate what you’re wanting the audience to do after watching, using a well defined call-to-action.


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