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Top 5 Benefits to Using Profile Videos For Your Business

When users arrive on your website, they don’t always know who you are, what you sell, or why they should care. Because of this, firms are turning to profile videos. These offer a short synopsis of what your brand does and the solutions it provides in an easily-digested format.

As you might imagine, profile videos come in handy in many situations. Yes – they introduce users to your brand, but there’s more to them than that.

In this post, we look at the top five benefits of using profile videos for your business. Check them out below.

profile videos

They Show People What You Actually Do

Don’t assume that users automatically know what you sell – sometimes they don’t.

They might have arrived on your site by typing in the wrong keyword or because something got lost in translation. Users can be confused about who you are and what you offer, even if you use concise, straightforward language.

Videos help to cut through the noise and get your message across. Insivia found that viewers remember 95 percent of brand video messages, compared to 10 percent when reading text.

Moreover, videos can overcome buyer scepticism by showing your audience how you do what you do. New prospects might want to see proof that you can make good on your claims, and video provides this.

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They Let You Talk About Your Business Engagingly

Writing about what your business does in a blog is never quite as exciting as actually showing your audience how you operate in person. That’s because it’s much harder to shoe-horn emotion into text.

Videos change this dynamic entirely. The medium provides scope to tell your brand story imaginatively to the viewer. You can use montages, narration, animated graphics, scenes of your production processes and so on. You can also incorporate music and even dramatic elements, where appropriate.

Try as you might, you can’t get this level of engagement from a brochure. Video opens up new possibilities for brands to communicate powerfully with audiences.

They Allow For Emotional Engagement

Brands such as Coca-Cola, John Lewis, and KFC create emotional connections with their audience through video. That’s because they understand the power of visual marketing.

You need to do the same. In fact, as a small business owner, you stand to gain even more. Video lets you build a personal connection with your audience. You can talk to them at length about your enterprise’s mission and how it aligns with their values.

Moreover, video makes you more relatable. You’re not just a faceless person behind a wall of digital marketing. Instead, you’re a real person, just like them, looking to do good in the world.

Profile Video Production by Full Frame

They Help Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Site

Don’t underestimate the power of business profile videos. Research shows that video can increase traffic to your pages by a whopping 157 percent. Moreover, having a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent (and perhaps more).

Video also increases dwell time – a vital website ranking factor – sending a signal to Google that your website is offering users value. Figures show that prospects stay on pages for 88 percent longer if they have video.

They Boost Your Email Marketing

You don’t just have to post business profile videos on your website and social media. You can also add them to your emails to drum up more leads.

When you first send users email marketing, they won’t always know who you are, what you do, or why they should buy from you. They might be sitting there, scratching their heads, wondering, “when did I sign up for this?”

Inserting a video into your email marketing messages can correct this. Just as on your corporate site, it quickly explains who you are and what you’re offering, so they don’t mark you as spam.

Research has found that inserting videos into emails increases 96 percent or more click-through rates. What’s more, most brands aren’t doing it, so if you can get it right, you can stand out from the crowd, offering more value than anyone else.

Adding video to your email is also more straightforward than you might think. To save time, add pre-existing explainers or introductory clips to complement the written content.

In Summary

Profile videos are the new elevator pitch. They quickly give users critical information about what you do in an exciting format. Research suggests that they are dramatically more effective than text, and could boost conversions, so why not add them to your marketing campaigns?