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How Animated Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business


There’s no doubt that video is a powerful tool for drumming up traffic and boosting website conversions. According to Tubular Insights research, video content is fifty times more helpful in driving organic traffic to your website than plain old text.

That’s why there is so much hype around

explainer videos right now – little snippets that tell users what your business does. These have the potential to add rocket fuel to your organic position and supercharge your revenues.

But how, exactly? In this post, we find out.

Communicate Your Message More Clearly

Many companies choose names like “iMachina” or “ClubTechCloud” to make themselves sound trendy. While branding like this sounds hip and techy, it’s not that useful for users. After reading it, they’re still scratching their heads, asking themselves, “what does this brand actually do?”

That’s where explainer videos come in handy. Instead of writing something complicated such as “we syndicate content from streamers into a single digital dashboard,” you can show them how they can benefit with pictures and graphics.

It’s important to take this approach because of how users process visual information. Research shows that audiences can assimilate video 60,000 times faster than text, meaning that you can communicate more in a single minute of video than you can in 1.8 million words!

The lesson here is simple: instead of writing down a complicated list of instructions, just produce a quick step-by-step instructional video. 30 to 60 seconds should do the trick.

Tap Into The Power Of Visual Media

When users see a wall of text on their screens, they switch off. Unless they are in the mood to learn, it’s not worth their time.

On the other hand, video taps into the brain’s natural affinity for visual information processing. Consuming a five-minute movie requires substantially less effort than reading a blog for five minutes. Plus, it provides all the context the user needs upfront (such as what your products actually look like) instead of relying on you to describe them.

Video sells too. Including one on your landing pages can boost conversions by a whopping 80 percent, according to WordStream research.

Capture More Attention For Your Brand

Animated videos could also help you build brand awareness fast. According to data from Google, YouTube users pay twice as much attention to content they watch compared to those watching TV.

Try putting an explainer video on your home page, quickly running through what you do and how you alleviate your audience’s pain points. Ensure that you present the solution you offer in concise terms that users will understand. Don’t force them to hunt through your site for text explanations. Simply give them the information they need upfront.

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Boost Your Businesses Organic Position

Check out the following video statistics:

  • Posts that contain videos get 157 percent more backlinks than those that don’t
  • Daily video views on Facebook is now over 8 billion
  • People consume more than 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook alone
  • 85 percent of all internet users in the US interact with video content every month
  • 49 percent of marketers believe that they can grow company revenue faster if they use video

Explainer videos, therefore, can be a critical component of boosting your page rankings in search results. They encourage users to stay on your site longer, increasing dwell time, signalling to Google that your pages offer high-quality content.

Increase Conversion Rates

Businesses often use video marketing to tell a story. They want to show users how their brand aligns with their audience’s values.

Explainers take this a step further. They show the specific problem the product or service solves and why it matters.

Research shows that 85 percent of consumers want to see more video content about the products that they buy. Brands should be empathising with them, showing them how they can help.

Thus, animated explainer videos go beyond merely describing a product or service. They build trust with customers by showing that you understand their struggles.

Animated Explainer Video Graphic | FFP

Give Users The Gist Of What You Do

For some brands, particularly those in the B2B and software fields, it can be tricky to explain precisely what you do in words that average users can understand. Internal conversations are often jargon-filled and technical.

Explainer videos are an opportunity to get your message across succinctly. Evidence suggests that user attention spans drop off after around 8 seconds. Therefore, compelling animation videos open strongly and then run for 90 seconds or less, only explaining key details.

Let’s say, for example, that your company offers waste collection services for homeowners. An explainer video might go something like this:

“Do you have a lot of waste from a renovation or clear-out that you can’t put in the regular bin? Our waste disposal service can help. We collect your waste from you with our fleet of vans and then deliver it to recycling centres or landfills. Everything is done for you, so all you need to think about is your home improvement project.”

Notice how simple this business would be to understand if an explainer video accompanied the script. It could feature a homeowner looking puzzled about what to do with all their waste, followed by scenes of vans collecting any rubbish from their door and transporting it to a recycling plant.

A visualisation would immediately tell customers what the business is all about and how it can help them. It would reassure them by giving them a better idea of what to expect when they pay for the service.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re not using animated explainer videos yet for your business, you should be. They offer multiple benefits, including more conversions, better online position and helpful insights into what your brand does.

On a deeper level, well-constructed explainers build trust with your audience by showing that you empathise with their situation and know how to help. Start using them today on your home pages, social media accounts, and landing pages, and experience the difference for yourself.