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Six Video Content Marketing Ideas to Give Your Online Presence a Boost!

In today’s online marketing landscape, one tool that’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore is video content.


Consistently, video has proven itself a desirable option amongst businesses wanting to tell their stories and spread the word about their products and services online, in a highly engaging and memorable way.


As a result, more and more brands are considering how video can be used as part of their overall communications strategies.


What stage in the video journey is your business at? Perhaps you’re in the very early stages of exploring the possibilities for the very first time. Or maybe you’ve successfully implemented video content as part of your marketing approach and you’re in need of some fresh ideas to take things to the next level.


Wherever your business is at on the video content trajectory, we’ve compiled are a few key ideas of how video can easily – and logically! – be utilised, that every brand can consider …


Offer top tips and how-to’s


Stive for video content that offers real, authentic value for your audience. It’s not just about attracting eyeballs, but also rewarding them (and, in doing so, retaining them!)


You can start by resisting the temptation to hit viewers with a hard sell. Instead, offer content they will find either useful, educational, or insightful. That way you can be confident they will hang around and view the entire thing and engage with it, remember it, feel positively towards your brand, and (fingers crossed!) respond to your call-to-action.


There are lots of ways you might go about doing this. For instance, rather than simply telling the viewer how amazing and life-changing your product is, show them with a video guide or instructional demo. This approach will allow them to see for themselves how your offering will improve their lives, and equip them to get the best out of it post-purchase. This all adds up to a much less ‘salesy’ way to demonstrate the unique selling points of your product.


You might also consider a filmed Q&A session, hosted by an expert from within your organisation, or recognisable external ambassador. You can use this as an opportunity to pre-empt any frequently asked questions that arise regarding your products. This approach will not only improve viewer understanding of what you’re offering, but will also inspire confidence in your brand.


Tell your people’s stories


All the statistics indicate how imagery involving people is a much more effective means of stopping thumbs and attracting eyeballs than graphics, or images of inanimate objects. Humanising your product is essential, and what better way to achieve this than through video?


Offering short, snappy, positive vox-pops or longer-form testimonials from the happy and satisfied purchasers of your life-changing products, sharing emotive case-studies from the people who have directly benefitted from using your services, and showcasing the experiences of passionate employees who love what they do, will all serve to build affection for and trust in your business.


Tapping into the stories of the people connected to your business in this way is an excellent strategy that will add the all-important ‘personal touch’ to your brand, while also creating highly engaging video content.


Animate your infographics


While the benefits of featuring real people and their personal stories in your videos cannot be overstated, an alternative yet equally effective tactic is animation. In particular, this can be a useful way of bringing your static infographics to life. This can be a highly effective way of communicating dry or complex subject matter, or visually demonstrating impressive data in an engaging way.


While this approach to presenting key statistics and complex messages at-a-glance will help attract attention and boost comprehension, it also arms you with highly shareable content, which can help spread your message far and wide.


Give behind-the-scenes or ‘day-in-the-life’ insights


Why not use video to satisfy your audience’s natural curiosity? After all, human beings are inherently nosy! For that reason, offering a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes is a great way to engage viewers and create a deeper sense of familiarity with your organisation.


No matter what industry your business operates in, highlighting the inputs and processes behind your products or services will foster a better understanding of who you are and what you do, and can help you create a stronger emotional connection with your audience.


If you’re planning to launch a new product or service in the near future, this idea could be particularly useful. Consider offering customers insight into the creative process behind your latest innovation or project not only to allow them to get to know you, but also to create a sense of anticipation.


Live stream an event or meeting


If you’re planning an all-bells-and-whistles event for a new product launch, or an educational and insightful conference or seminar, these sorts of occasion can be expensive and resource-intensive to host.


Step forward video! This is a tool that can help really maximise your event’s opportunities for viewership and participation through the magic of a live stream! This will add value to your event by taking full advantage of oodles of existing content that’s simply begging to be shared, and making sure it has a life outside of the event location.


We are currently existing in a post-pandemic ‘new normal’ where we’re all familiar and comfortable with tools like Zoom, which have been successfully transporting us to professional and social engagements from our own homes during the past 18-months. So why not take full advantage of this new trend and open up your event up to a limitless, global audience!?




An idea to consider if you find yourself planning an extended project on a large scale, is that of time-lapse. You are undoubtedly familiar with the concept – what starts out as something visually unremarkable gradually builds into something grand or aesthetically striking, in just a few short seconds.


A time-lapse is a relatively straightforward means of demonstrating the scale of an inspiring project like a renovated space, or the creation of an intricate piece of art, in a fun and visually impressive way that’s bound to stop scrollers in their tracks!


Whatever sector you operate in, whether you’re a consumer brand or offer business-to-business services, the right use of video can bring your communications right up to date, and create powerful engagement.


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