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Corporate Video Blueprint

The market is full of opportunities for businesses and organizations to make their mark using strategic, thoughtful, and captivating videos. Today we talk about the different types of videos companies are using to make their mark.

Video production is no longer a trend connected only to young Youtubers looking to make their mark. Today, it’s a huge part of the corporate landscape. Youtube, Facebook Live and Instagram Live are powerful avenues for showcasing and bringing about awareness for your brand, ideals and initiatives. Businesses across the globe include well produced videos on their company home pages to help their potential audience understand their convictions, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporate videos. If you’re looking to jump into the video creation space and team up with a reputable video producer, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your options for different types of videos to help advertise and market your business.

Broadcast Commercials

This is perhaps the most widely known type of corporate video as it’s been around the longest. Perhaps you’re in a market or region that really thrives when introduced to commercials via television. Depending on your target market, this has the possibility to generate the greatest return on investment, and while television commercials can be more expensive than most other types of video production when you team up with a top-notch video production company, you’ll end up with a high-quality advertisement that can be built to last for television and serve you for years to come.

Company Profile Videos

Company profiles are often an organization’s “toe tipping into the waters” of video production for their business. These often include messages from founders or CEOs, individuals passionate about the organization, or a multitude of employees and partners connected to your company and vision. Think of these types of videos as an “eagle eye’s view” of your establishment. These profiles allow your audience the opportunity to understand the broad strokes of what you have to offer. Often, these videos include b-roll, and behind-the-scenes footage of your organization and allow people to understand the “voice” of your company. Company profile videos allow viewers to get a clear idea of what you, your organization, and your partners have to offer.

Online Promotional Spots

Online promotional spots, often called “online commercials,” differ from those shown on broadcast television because they are not restricted by the typical 15, 30 or 60 second limits. Additionally, they do not always require a similar budget. Because online promotional spots are not constricted by time limits, you are afforded the opportunity to utilize the power of storytelling to help communicate your message; and as many of us know, story is king in the marketplace. Tell the best story, captivate the greatest audience. Because of the power of story, all sizes of businesses have found online promotional spots to be extremely useful in attracting buyers in the marketplace. Additionally, online promotional spots can be widely useful on social media accounts, enabling companies to find their desired demographic of buyers and partners easier than ever before.

Customer Testimonials

How often have you watched a commercial or promotional video and thought, “The individual talking about this product was paid – so I’m just not that bought in?” Now, consider taking the same idea behind a spokesperson led promotional piece, but inserting an actual former or current customer! Connecting with consumers by utilizing the reviews of actual customers who have lived with and tested your product or services is just a piece of the authenticity that customer testimonials brings to the table. As consumers we want fast answers and quick reviews of the items or services we’re looking to bring into our lives. Customer testimonials is one of the ways to bring out the promotional claims they’re looking for.

Staff Training Videos

If you haven’t heard us talk about the benefits of creating training videos for employee onboarding or ongoing training, check out our post here. Because staff training videos can live online forever, it allows your employees the ability to continually go back and reacquaint themselves with policies and procedures again and again. Staff training videos are an excellent way to lay out staff culture, “how to” steps and information that otherwise might become easily misunderstood or missed. Not only that, but staff training videos cut employee training costs by over half. Consider that as you contemplate your next steps in bringing on new employees.

Industrial Videos

Think B2B. Industrial videos are designed to hit the mark within a specific industry. A well produced industrial video contains the power to clearly communicate information about your products, initiatives, services, and offerings. Additionally, you can use them to talk about industry trends or tips for operating within your specific industry. Think of industrial videos produced for your company as the influence you want within your market to push people towards your services. Finally, industrial videos are an excellent tool for fundraising, crowdfunding, and raising support from potential investors excited about partnering with you into the future.

Event Documentation Videos

Ever follow through with a new initiative, exciting promotion, or life giving event for your organization only to finish it out and think, “Why didn’t we get any footage of that?” Event documentation videos are extremely advantageous for your organization as they allow your staff to relive the excitement of the experiences AND communicate milestones to the public. Suddenly, you have evidence you can use to communicate the impact your company has locally,nationallyorglobally. Nexttimeyoubegintobudgetforanevent,includealineitemfor documentation. Envelope video production into your overall cost and watch as post-event excitement ensues.

A Final Word

Regardless of the type of corporate video you’re looking to have produced for your company, it’s important to partner and work with a trusted video production company with the knowledge and experience to take your ideals and information forward to connect with your audience. Find the perfect video producing partner for you and move courageously into the future with video by your side.