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Consider Sydney’s Natural Beauty for Your Next Video

The best things in life are free, including the beautiful, natural scenery Sydney provides. Consider all Sydney has to offer as your backdrop for your next video production project. 

It’s hard to compete with the natural beauty and wonder that Sydney has to offer – and what better way to utilise such beauty that in a corporate video! Whether you’re strolling along and enjoying the gorgeous views Darling Harbor has to offer, including an iconic look back at the Sydney Opera House, or relaxing in the beautiful green beds of the Royal Botanic Garden, you’re sure to realize again and again that Sydney is in a league of its own when it comes to breathtaking, natural landscapes.

So, what if you could connect your organization or business to the feeling you get when you’re experiencing the wonder of Sydney? What moves might your potential clients make? How would they feel about you and what your company offers? Below you’ll find 6 Sydney landmarks to consider as part of your next corporate video production project. Whether you use them as a backdrop to your narrative or simply include them as b-roll, these must-experience sights of Sydney have the beauty and quality of your organization written all over them.

1. Darling Harbor

It’s difficult to begin a list of this magnitude without first starting with the iconic Darling Harbor.

Just adjacent to the city centre of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, it’s the largest recreational and pedestrian precinct on the western outskirts of Sydney’s central business district. As if the beauty brought about by these waters isn’t enough to scream, “Sydney!” Darling Harbor boasts not only of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge built in 1932, but the landmark, skyline-dominating performing arts center known around the world as one of the century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. Beauty, energy, dignity and popularity are few a few of the incredible qualities Darling Harbor has to offer.

2. Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Bondi’s sweeping white-sand crescent is second to none. It’s gorgeous, cascading waves draw surfers and a deluge of locals to swim in the ocean

and adjacent pool all year long; and while the ocean’s roar might not make the site accessible for a quiet interview, including all the sights and sounds Bondi has to offer through b-roll could take the beauty of your story to a whole new level. Looking to communicate the local feel and energy Sydney has to offer? Bondi Beach just might be your crew’s next location to scout.

3. Manly Beach

If the beach is right up your alley, but you’re looking for a little less population, Manly Beach just might have what you need. Situated among the northern beaches of Sydney and within walking distance of Fairy Bower and Shelley Beach, not only does the water and sand provide for a gorgeous background for your promo, commercial, or business spotlight video, but the shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars nearby can provide the energy your spot needs to really make your story pop. Who knows, you just might get a shot of a the public ferry to and from Circular Quay can really give your spot some movement you’ll love.

4. Royal Botanic Garden

If the sea and ocean aren’t your thing, chances are you’re ready to take a stroll through the lush vegetation, plant life and rose garden the heart of Sydney has to offer via the Royal Botanic Garden. With its gorgeous colors strewn among the flora and greenery, setting just below Sydney’s beautiful, blue skies, the Royal Botanic Garden is a wonderful place for a video piece “walk and talk” style, or maybe you take your entire video project outdoors, with the Australian sun as your key light, bringing about a natural, beautiful, truly Australian vibe, setting your video apart in a unique way.

5. Circular Quay

On the northern edge of the Sydney central business district between Bennelong Point and The Rocks is Circular Quay, one of Sydney’s well deserved famous harbors. Much like it’s sister, Darling Harbor, Circular Quay offers a unique energy found only in Sydney. Imagine your video project containing footage of boats and yachts porting in and out of Circular Quay. Imagine the same movement and energy this b-roll would bring to the way clients feel about your company. Gathering footage, whether steadicam or drone, at Circular Quay can bring a unique excitement your project has been longing for.

6. The Rocks

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is the neighbourhood of historic laneways in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge known as The Rocks. The neighborhood has some of Sydney’s most upscale restaurants, oldest pubs and many of the city’s most breathtaking harbour views. Whether your goal is to capture another angle of Sydney’s bustling, energetic beauty or to film buskers performing along the harbourfront promenade, you’re sure to capture video that will allow your piece to showcase your organization’s connection to Sydney in a captivating way. Take a stroll through the Rocks and find yourself upgrading your story’s credibility in a mesmerizing way.

Sydney’s captivating landscapes offer something few other parts of the country or world have to offer: compelling beauty. Whether your goal is to set up your shoot at one of the aforementioned locations and tell your story into the lens with sydney as your backdrop, to gather b-roll footage that helps move your narrative forward and helps connect your audience to all that is your company and country, or you’re using Sydney’s beauty within your journalistic style expose to compel others to action, Sydney’s natural beauty is perfect for your next video.

Consider any of these spots, dig deep into research to find the heart and passion each of these locations have to offer. Find what connects them to who you and your organization are and communicate the story of your organization not just through what you say, but what the audience experiences visually and through the lens of your gear and camera. You’ll be surprised how impactful your video can be as you place yourself in the beauty and space of Sydney, Australia’s natural beauty.

Talk with your marketers, producers, storytellers and videographers and consider sydney’s natural beauty for your next video.