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Top 5 Animation & Motion Graphics Trends of 2022

Are you looking to use animation trends on your website to captivate your audience?

Animation has many uses outside the big screen. Many businesses use animations to make music videos, video production, and training videos. If you want to learn more about modern trends in animation to use for your event or business, then keep on reading.

Did you know that the animation market industry has a projected value of over $642.5 billion by 2030?

With millions of viewers every year, using animation is a great way to get viewers’ attention. Animation is a great way to showcase information while being entertaining. Learn every top animation trend of 2022 here and improve your business.

  1. Kinetic Typography Animation Trend

Kinetic typography is a common animation seen in video marketing. One can accomplish this by experimenting with different typefaces and fonts. Kinetic typography brings more energy and personality to text-heavy videos.

This changes boring traditional typography by manipulating typography. With this, you can twist, stretch, distort, and even move letters. Most eCommerce sites and applications use the kinetic typography trend to draw attention.

What’s best about this is that it’s a straightforward way of showing information. Using motion to draw more attention to words ensures your point gets across. Almost all marketing videos include text, so make sure to make them count.

  1. Animated Logo

One of the most common business videos that get animated is logos. If you want a unique online presence, you should invest in an animated logo. You can incorporate your animated logo in various materials for branding.

Your animated logo will be perfect if you have video presentations. Having an animated logo is now a trend when it comes to establishing a brand identity design. A lot of entertainers also make animated logos as introductions for their videos.

To do this, animators apply motion graphics to logos and icons to make them come alive. This helps you look more dynamic and attractive to potential customers. Having unexpected twists and movements on your animated logos make your business more enticing.

  1. Vertical Animation Video

Vertical animation video is the most common animation style used for training videos. This is because people use their mobile phones as a primary way of viewing videos. A vertical animation video is a great way to make your business videos accessible.

Video on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook is on the rise. These all have a vertical interface with vertical videos posted. Producing horizontal and vertical animation video formats is a great way to get more views.

Vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate compared to horizontal videos. This is because people rarely want to switch their screens when scrolling. If you wish to use your animation for video marketing, then go vertical.

  1. Colour Palette Restricted Animations

A new trend in animation is colour-restricted animations. These use few colours instead of many rich and different colours. This is because using restricted colour makes your videos look sophisticated and straightforward.

Using colour palette restriction poses a lot of challenges for an artist but is still able to reveal mood. Limited colours can use your business colours, which help establish brand identity. When done well, it can show appeal and be unique to viewers.

If you want to use this, remember to consider colour theory. Choosing the correct colour palette can make or break your video’s quality. Opt for colours that can enhance your video and make it more memorable to those viewing it.

This animation shines most if used on nostalgic and retro art styles. This trend is for you if you are looking for simple and sleek animations.

  1. Hybrid Animation Techniques

Another animation trend in 2022 is the hybrid animation trend. This means mixing different animation styles and techniques in one video. For instance, one might want to combine 2D and 3D animation styles in one video.

If you want to feature a real person in an animation video, then hybrid animation is for you. This is perfect if you have a short filming time but have to be in different scenarios or locations. With hybrid animation, the possibilities are endless.

You can also use animation techniques with other art styles. This can include stop-motion and traditional hand-drawn art as opposed to digital. Make a hybrid animation if you want to fit different art mediums for better expression.

Kinetic typography can also get done through hybrid animation. Kinetic typography can make use of stop motion. This can help further emphasize the importance of the text shown on the screen.

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Use the Best Animation Trends For Your Videos Today

These are some animation trends you can get inspiration from when making your videos. Follow our recommendations, and you are sure to make the best-animated videos.

Is there an animation trend you like but don’t know how to use for your business or event video? Then we have got good news for you. Contact us today and get a quick quote on your animation video.